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EMD Agencies

EMD is a software and consultancy company supplying countries worldwide with software and consultancy services within the field of project design, planning and documentation of environmental friendly energy projects, particularly wind energy projects.

EMD has its main office located in Aalborg, Denmark and regional sales offices in Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, USA, Turkey and China. The company has a total staff of 20 - 25 employees.

An important task for EMD is continuously to update and improve our software packages for project design and planning of wind energy projects, CHP projects, etc. in close cooperation with the many companies worldwide, which daily use our software.

EMD participates in various ongoing research and development activities within the renewable energy sector and this ensures that the EMD software continuously is upgraded with the latest knowledge and experience available within the area.

The result is user-friendly, flexible and reliable software developed based on the latest knowledge and experience within the area and according to the demands of our many users worldwide.

The consultancy team at EMD is internationally recognized for its independent expertise within wind energy as well as within development of co/tri-generation projects.

As wind consultants, EMD has a long worldwide experience. Consultancy jobs have been performed in Canada in the North to Australia in the South and from Japan in the East to USA in the West. EMD performs over 200 consultancy jobs each year within wind energy for both private companies and banks as well as longer-term project assignments for DANIDA, World Bank and other international institutions.

Since 1998, the wind consultancy team at EMD has conducted wind resource assessment, micro-siting and bankable annual energy production assessments on over 700 wind farm projects worldwide with an planned capacity of more than 35,000 MW.

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