Verdo Production A/S in Denmark operate the District heating plant in Randers DK. The plant delivers heat to the city of Randers and the surroundings; it is equivalent to 36.500 addresses, and approximately 94 % of the city of Randers.

The daily business planning can be a complex task and is not always performed by the same person. Verdo wanted a single, uniform tool that could systematize the planning process and involve the restrictions that apply to their particular work.

Verdo in Randers have relatively small storage capacity and it makes great demands on operational planning, local and precise weather forecasts and prognoses.

Today, Verdo uses energyTRADE to calculate the optimal operation, planning, and submitting bids on the spot, the regulating and reserve markets. By having all the information in one place, providing energy trade operator a detailed overview of the system and with the ability to automate bid, the daily routines becomes less time consuming.

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