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Stefan Chun (Dipl.-Ing.)

Managing Director / Wind Energy Consultant
e-mail: sc@emd.dk

Robin Funk (Dipl.-Ing.)

Managing Director / Wind Energy Consultant
e-mail: rf@emd.dk

Peter Ritter (Dipl.-Ing.)

Managing Director / Energy Systems Consultant / Wind Energy Consultant
e-mail: pr@emd.dk

Customer Support

Gudrun Potzka (Dipl.-Ing.)

Wind Energy Consultant
e-mail: gp@emd.dk

David Fryc

Wind Energy Consultant
e-mail: df@emd.dk

Sales and Marketing

Alexandra Denzer

Sales and Marketing
e-mail: ad@emd.dk

Katharina Fromont

Sales and Marketing
e-mail: kf@emd.dk


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The activities in Germany started back in 1991, when Stefan Chun introduced the EMD DOS-Software “Windatlas System” on the German market. Due to the constant growth in the wind energy business, EMD Germany was founded in 1999. The partners are Stefan Chun, Peter Ritter and Robin Funk (2004).

With seven permanent staff members, EMD Germany is the second-largest office within the EMD organisation. Besides the German-language market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), EMD Germany is also in charge of the customers in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania.

EMD Germany is closely interlaced with the German and international wind energy business by a multi-layered network, which has grown over many years. This allows to become aware of new and important impulses very fast which subsequently can be implemented in new versions of WindPRO.

Staff members of EMD Germany are active in leading positions in the Wind Consultants’ Advisory Board of the German Wind Energy Association (1) as well as in the expert committee “Determination of Wind Potentials and Energy Yields” of the Society for the Promotion of Wind Energy and the German Meteorological Society (2), which proved themselves repeatedly as innovative and quality standard setting organisations.

In addition, EMD Germany participates in the working group “Environmental Effects of WTGs” at the State Environmental Agency Schleswig (3) and the working group “Noise of WTGs” of the Emission Control Agencies and Measuring Institutes (4), which have contributed significantly to the high environmental standards in respect to WTG siting in Germany.

EMD Germany is also involved in the development and research for the energy systems simulation software energyPRO. This enables the adaption of the software to the characteristics of the German energy market and the integration of the specific parameters.

EMD is a member of the B.KWK, (German Association of Cogeneration) (5).

  • Windgutachterbeirat des Bundesverbands Windenergie, BWE
  • Fachausschuss “Ermittlung von Windpotenzialen und Energieerträgen” der Fördergesellschaft Windenergie e.V., FGW und der Deutschen Meteorologischen Gesellschaft, DMG
  • Arbeitsgruppe “Umwelteinwirkungen von Windenergieanlagen” am Staatlichen Umweltamt Schleswig
  • Arbeitskreis “Geräusche von Windenergieanlagen” der Immissionsschutzbehörden und Messinstitute
  • Bundesverband Kraft-Wärme-Kopplung