Below is a list of some of the clients, we have served in the past in connection with technical and financial analyses of different types of energy plants (CHP, biogas, biomass, solar and geothermal projects):

CHP-plants on waste, biogas and biomass

  • Lemvig Varmeværk, Denmark – CHP-production on biogas
  • Babcock & Wilcox Vølund Aps, Denmark – Manufactor of biomass gasification CHP plants
  • Aalborg Kom. Forsyningsvirksomhederne, Denmark – Big district heating company buying heat from a multiple competing plants
  • Augustenborg Fjernvarme, Denmark – CHP-plant with a heat pump
  • Skagen Varmeværk, Denmark – CHP-plant, receiving additional heat from an incineration plant
  • Hashøj Kraftvarmeforsyning, Denmark – CHP-production on biogas and natural gas
  • Assens Fjernvarme, Denmark – CHP-production on wood chips
  • Skagen Forbrænding, Denmark – Incineration plant
  • Sønderborg Fjernvarme a.m.b.a., Denmark – CHP on municipal solid waste and natural gas
  • Aars Fjernvarmeforsyning a.m.b.a., Denmark – CHP on municipal solid waste
  • Løgstør Fjernvarme, Denmark – Big strawfired boiler and CHP on natural gas

CHP-plants on natural gas

  • Viborg Kraftvarme, Denmark – Combined cycle CHP-plant on natural gas
  • Esbjerg Kommune, Denmark – 300 MW coal-fired CHP plant
  • Hvide Sande Fjernvarme, Denmark
  • Helsinge Fjernvarme, Denmark
  • Ullerslev Kraftvarmeværk, Denmark
  • Sønderholm Kraftvarme, Denmark
  • Grindsted-Uggerhalne KV-værk, Denmark
  • Sdr. Herreds Kraftvarmeværk, Denmark
  • Toftlund Fjernvarme, Denmark
  • Blenstrup Kraftvarmeværk a.m.b.a, Denmark
  • Støvring Kraftvarmeværk, Denmark
  • Rebild Varmeværk a.m.b.a, Denmark
  • Hou Kraftvarmeværk, Denmark
  • Billund Varmeværk, Denmark
  • Rye Kraftvarmeværk, Denmark
  • Glyngøre Fjernvarme, Denmark
  • Vorupør Kraftvarmeværk, Denmark
  • Øster Hurup Kraftvarmeværk, Denmark
  • Dronninglund Fjernvarme, Denmark