License Types

Standard License

A standard license gives you unlimited access to the software modules you have licensed. The license is supplied with free support and program maintenance during the first year. Upon expiry of the free period, you can enter a support and maintenance agreement with us which secures that you will automatically receive the latest program updates and have access to support.


The energyPRO software can also be licensed for a limited period of one year. When choosing this type of license, you pay 40% of the normal prices mentioned for the software. Upon expiry of the license period you can either choose to extend the one-year-license for a new period or you can choose to have the one-year-license changed to a standard license.

University Licenses

Special favourable prices for energyPRO are available for universities and other educational institutions, provided that the supplied software is not used for any commercial activities. Please contact our sales department at for a specific offer and exact license conditions.

Student Licenses

If you would like to use energyPRO as part of your students training, we can supply you with time-limited software licenses for each individual student and training exercises. Please contact our sales department at for further information and prices.