License Terms

The energyPRO software can be licensed according to the below mentioned License Agreement.
Please notice, that the different flags are linked to PDF documents.

Intellectual Property Rights

EMD International A/S holds all Intellectual Property Rights to the energyPRO software. Software manuals are copyrighted and all rights reserved.

Conditions for use:

The licensee, who has paid for or by other means obtained the right to use the program, is entitled to make one safety copy of the program.


Apart from this, the licensee may under no circumstances copy, pass-on, sell or in any other way distribute to third parties the program or any documentation associated with the program.


The licensee is only allowed to run the program on one machine at the time unless a multi-user license agreement has been obtained. The number of users that may then run the program at the same time is stated under the license conditions, which can be seen by activating the “About” icon in the main menu.

Additional license(s):

Must only be used by employees within the same company, who has purchased the first license. On every additional license, the name and address of the company, which is printed on all report printouts, will be the same as on the first license supplied.


All license rights to the program are withdrawn in case the license holder at any time violates the Terms of Payment in force at EMD International A/S.

Limitation of Liability:

The programs are distributed without any guarantee for the correctness of the calculations made by the license holder. EMD International A/S disclaim any and all responsibility for damages or losses incurred by the Licensee, which direct or indirect may arise from the use of the program. This limitation of responsibility is also valid if such damages or losses are caused by defects or shortcomings in the program.