The DESIGN module is the basic module in energyPRO and is used to optimise and analyse the techno-economic performance of an energy plant for a one-year period. The calculations are made based on the inputs provided by the user such as:

Time series: online weather data server hosted by EMD International, electricity prices etc.
Demands: heat, cooling and electricity demands
Fuels: coal, natural gas, oil, wood chips, straw, biogas, hydrogen etc.
Energy conversion units: engines, boilers, wind turbines, heat pumps, photo voltaic etc.
Economy: taxes, gas prices, purchase and sale of electricity etc.
Storages: thermal storage, pumped hydro energy storage, batteries etc.


With the DESIGN module you are able to:

  • Model and analyse the realised operation
  • Make investment analyses
  • Make detailed expenditure budgets

Application of other energyPRO modules requires access to the DESIGN module


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