Price List

The prices are based on a single user license in one language.
The software is available in the following languages: DK, EN, DE and PL.
Each additional user costs 50%

EUR Description
DESIGN *1) 3.800,00 Energy production and operational economics for Heat, Cooling and Power Plants
FINANCE 900,00 Investments, financing, cash flows, development in demands and prices
ACCOUNTS*2) 900,00 Long-term income statements and balance sheets for Heat, Cooling and Power Plants
OPERATION 900,00 Optimization of energy plant operation on a weekly basis
REGION 900,00 Energy and economic calculations for several sites or on a regional basis
INTERFACE 900,00 XML call to energyPRO to perform multiple calculations with different parameters
MARKETS 900,00 Simulation of energy plants participating at several electricity markets
COMPARE 900,00 Make alternatives in the same project file, to compare investment key figures
Additional language module 900,00  DK, EN, DE, PL

*1) Needed for all modules
*2) Only sold with FINANCE

Support and Maintenance
All mentioned energyPRO prices include 1 year of support and maintenance free of charge. Upon expiry of the 1st year, you can choose to enter a support and maintenance agreement with EMD. The annual price for a support and maintenance agreement is 20% of the current valid list prices for your modules.
Universities: Special university prices available – please contact EMD for more information.