Power plant and wind farm with electricity storage in island operation

This example includes a 6 MW wind farm, a pumped hydro storage and an oil fired backup generator. There is no connection to an electricity market, which means that export or import of electricity is not possible. Therefore, the model is said to be running in “island operation”.

An overview of the model is given in the below picture.

billede2.1energyPRO calculates the optimal operation of the units in the project. In this case, the wind farm should cover as much of the electricity demand as possible by utilizing the hydro storage in the best possible way.

In the below figure, a graphical representation of the operation can be seen. The figure is composed of four graphs: The top graph shows the wind speed in every hour for the given location. This is used to calculate the electricity production from the wind farm. The second graph shows the electricity production from the wind farm (red color) and the backup generator (blue color) and the total electricity demand (orange curve). The third graph, shows the charging (orange color) and discharging (blue curve) of the battery. The last graph shows the electric storage’s capacity and its content.

As can be seen in the figure, the excess wind power production is used to charge the storage by pumping water up in the reservoir. This energy is saved until the wind power production cannot cover the electricity demand and the storage is discharged. The backup unit is used to cover the rest of the demand when the store is empty.

Click here to download the energyPRO project file.