energyTRADE is module based. The basic module, the PLANNING module is for all implementations and is required for the BALANCING module and the COMMUNICATION module.

Small plants need a precise plant set-up for production planning and participating in day-ahead bidding, but may not need to connect to e.g. the balance responsible party via energyTRADE will only need the PLANNING module.

With the PLANNING module the plant will get at precise model of the plant in energyPRO and the operator will have an energyTRADE user interface to manage the operation and planning, with no need consider the plant set-up.

The COMMUNICATION module and the BALANCING module complement each other with an electricity market consisting of different markets. If just one market exists and the communication with the e.g. balance responsible party is needed, the COMMUNICATION module is sufficient.

The BALANCING module allows the plant to add any number of markets and any type of markets. The need for the BALANCING module is for plants participating in different markets.



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