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December 2017

The article ‘Optimal Operation of a Multi Vector District Energy System in the UK’ describes how much a PV and electrical battery can improve the economy in a district energy plant by a smart marked based operation of heat pumps and batteries.
The modelling has been made in energyPRO.
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energyPRO 4.5 released

November 2017

With energyPRO 4.5 we introduce the new module COMPARE. With COMPARE you can generate alternative scenarios to a reference in one project file. You can compare the results between the reference and the alternatives, both energy conversion and cash flow. With FINANCE and ACCOUNT you can compare key financial figures, such as NPV and IRR. Further, changes made in the reference, will transpire in the alternatives.

energyPRO 4.5 starts with a Start window, where you can select among recent used files, the examples included with energyPRO and you have access to online information.

The complete list of improvements:

  • Start window
  • Automatic calculated operation strategy when having process heat
  • Improved online data access, including access to ERA5 data
  • Duration curves on charts
  • Click and drag zoom
  • Improved activation check
  • More skins

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What’s new in energyPRO 4.5 and the Compare Module

November 2017
Join us for a webinar on Nov 21, 2017 at 10:30 AM GMT.
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Find out what’s new in the soon to be released energyPRO 4.5 and the new Compare Module. We’ll be running through the new features of 4.5 including the new start window, the automatic calculation strategy for process heat, improved online weather data access including new data sources and new graphing features. Also we’ll be showing how with the Compare Module you can generate alternative scenarios to a reference case in a single project and run new reports comparing the energy and financial results – something you might have previously done manually in Excel.
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energyPRO 4.4 update released

May 2017
In this update, a problem with use of Google Maps when loading online data has been resolved. In energyPRO, the available online data is presented with Google Maps, but recently Google changed the format of how the map can be displayed. With this update, energyPRO is adjusted to this change.

energyPRO 4.4 update released

December 2016
New facilities in energyPRO 4.4 update

  • Improved Operation Strategy for electric stores
  • Possibility of making formula based limited access to fuels
  • More user-friendly formula editing window
  • More intelligent operation of units without access to storage
  • Time series overview table
  • Improved QI

Read more about the new facilities in energyPRO 4.4 update here

energyPRO used by Rambøll in US

September 2016
Article fra IDEA member magasin Juni 2016 ”Re-envisioning district energy at Sheridan College” and using energyPRO
IDEA, International District Energy Association homepage

The awareness of the efficient and optimized district energy systems from Denmark is evolving in US. Especially the Campus areas which already have a district energy infrastructure is ready for the optimization.

energyPRO 4.4 released

May 2016
Major new facilities in energyPRO 4.4

  • Dedicated heat pump unit
    • COP and capacity are calculated automatically using. temperature time series
  • Support for the new German CHP-law
    • New economy functions
  • All CPU cores used for calculations.
    • The individual months or years are calculated in parallel, so the total calculation time becomes shorter
  • New formula interpreter
  • New formula expressions, including if and Datetime expressions.
  • Min, Max, Avg and Sum can be specified by as many variables as desired
  • Increased use of graphics
  • Load lines can be seen graphically in all energy conversion devices
  • The graphics are in separate windows

Read more about the new facilities in energyPRO 4.4 here