Here you can read examples of how energyTRADE is currently being used for the daily operation planning at very different district heating companies.

  • Verdo in Randers, DK uses energyTRADE for calculating the daily biddings at the Day-Ahead market and the balancing markets for their 50 MWe wood chip fired CHP.
  • Sæby District Heating is a medium-sized district heating company with many different production units consisting of two natural gas fired 6 MWe CHPs, an electric boiler of 12 MWe, three natural gas fired boilers, two heat storage tanks of 2,700 m3 each and 11,900 m2 solar collectors. In Sæby energyTRADE is used for calculating the optimal use of the storage tanks and the market-based operation of the CHP´s and the electrical boiler.
  • TVIS is a heat transmission company that distributes heat from various heat producers to the 183,000 heat consumers in the area of the cities Fredericia, Kolding and Vejle in Denmark. energyTRADE is used to plan the procurement of heat while considering the grid constraints in the heat transmission grid and the heat demands in every site of the network.

“We have installed energyTRADE at our CHP plant in Randers, where we use it for planning the electricity production. It provides a good overview of the next seven days of operation and an optimized production plan that exploits the variations in the electricity prices, the up- and downward regulating market opportunities and the capacity of the storage tank in the best possible way.” – Preben Dalsgaard Pedersen, System Engineer at Verdo.