Verdo in Randers

Verdo Production A/S in Denmark operates the district heating plant in Randers. The plant is a 50 MWe wood chip fired CHP, which delivers heat to the city of Randers and its suburbs, equivalent to 36,500 households. A relatively small thermal store makes operational planning relying on local and precise weather forecasts and prognoses crucial.

The daily planning is not always performed by the same person. Verdo Production A/S needed a single, uniform tool that could systematize the planning process with due respect to the restrictions on the technical side.

“Previously, we planned the operation using spreadsheets and graphs mainly from our SCADA system. This made it difficult to maintain a complete overview of the potential opportunities for the days ahead. We mainly only focused on tomorrow’s operation.”
– Preben Dalsgaard Pedersen, System Engineer at Verdo.

Today, Verdo uses energyTRADE to calculate the optimal operation and bids on the Day-Ahead, the regulating and reserve markets. By having all information in energyTRADE, the daily routines become less time consuming as the operator has a detailed overview of the system and the ability to automate bids.

“The advantage of the software is that it calculates the optimal operation and provides a visual overview of the production. Furthermore, it is based on the energyPRO software, which we already use in the annual production planning and for evaluating new plants and expansions.”
– Preben Dalsgaard Pedersen, System Engineer at Verdo.

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