Product news, business activities during this year

windPRO 3.4 – Beta Test coming soon
2019 has been an exciting year for EMD with focus on windPRO software development based on feature requests from the user community as well as general software enhancements. A new windPRO 3.4 version is soon ready for beta-testing, and we expect final release end of Q1/2020.

New EMD-WRF Europe+ Mesoscale Data Set
Earlier this year we successfully released our new EMD-WRF Europe+ mesoscale data set with time series based on ERA5 data. The new data set includes over 2.5 million time series with more than 20 years of data in a 3 km / hourly resolution, processed on our own HPC cluster. The data set has been well received, and many windPRO users have chosen to subscribe to have instant access to high-quality and constantly updated time series.

New orders for windOPS
The interest to use our web-based windOPS performance monitoring software for wind farms continued in 2019 with new orders and installations. Currently our IT team is implementing a windOPS solution combined with a forecasting solution set up by our cooperation partner ENFOR for a client with a portfolio of 240 turbines installed in several parks, 600 MW in total.


EMD Wind Energy Consulting has been busy
In 2019, the EMD Wind Energy Consulting department has been working as independent advisors together with our due diligence partners on numerous large wind farm portfolio transfers worldwide. As usual, our consulting team has also assisted many wind farm developers and asset owners in the areas of bankable energy studies in the pre-construction phase and post-construction operational energy assessments and life time extension services.

In need of Wind and Storage Consultancy Services?
The interest in energy storage as well as the development of combined wind and photovoltaic (PV) projects, also known as hybrid projects, has grown considerably in recent years, and our consultancy team is ready to assist you with feasibility studies, storage optimization and due diligence for hybrid and storage projects.

Dedicated Software for Complex Energy Projects and Storage
Our energy system department at EMD has been working with complex energy projects and storage for more than two decades, and our energyPRO software package is the only commercial software package available worldwide for modelling, analysing and preparing techno-economic studies for energy projects using multiple types of energy producing technologies (e.g. wind, solar PV) combined with energy storage, such as pumped storage, batteries, cold storage, compressed air or conversation to another energy type (power-to-X). If interested, please contact us for a software demonstration.