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Release of windPRO 3.4

We are pleased to announce the release of windPRO 3.4.

The highlights of this version are a new Solar PV energy calculation module, a new certified TR10 module, streamlined post-construction analysis, and windPRO as a 64-bit application.

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What is new in windPRO 3.4?

A brief summary of the latest features can be read here:

New in windPRO 3.4

64-bit application – Simply load more data into windPRO.

A new Solar AEP module. Building on top of the Solar module introduced in windPRO 3.3, you can now quickly calculate the energy production of solar photovoltaic plants. Use windPRO’s built-in capabilities for handling meteorological data, elevation models, 3D visualization models to design, calculate and visualize solar PV projects (requires Photomontage module).

Post-construction analysis has never been easier. windPRO has all the tools needed to handle and analyze many years of 10-minute SCADA data for entire wind farms, including error codes. In windPRO 3.4, post construction analysis is now a dedicated workflow in the Performance Check module, including improved error code handling, nacelle wind speed consistency calibration, user-defined error codes, and reporting.

WakeBlaster integration: Complex wake situation? Huge wind farm? Or just want a new perspective on the wakes in your project? ProPlanEn’s WakeBlaster is a RANS-based wake calculation which we offer as a subscription cloud service from inside windPRO’s PARK module.

TR 10 module: The ground breaking German standard “TR10 – Determination of site quality following commissioning” has been implemented as a windPRO 3.4 module and certified by TÜV Süd. Looking for a standardized way to evaluate site quality? Start here!

More online data: We have been working hard on implementing additional online data sets for use in windPRO, exceeding 1 Petabyte (1000 Terabytes) in total storage capacity already. And we will continue to add more!

The full manual and updated quick guides are available here.

License Info

All windPRO users will be informed about the new version by e-mail, but only the registered main contact will receive a serial number.

Serial number:

Serial number:

IMPORTANT – Multi-user License Holders:

If your licenses have been downgraded in 3.3 (i.e. in terms of numbers of users or modules), please note that the downgrade will be carried forward to windPRO 3.4. Please contact or your local sales agent if your license requirements have changed.

We hope you will enjoy working with windPRO 3.4.