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Improved flow modelling at cold climate sites through novel land-surface data from satellite sources

On behalf of the InnoWind project team, Morten L. Thøgernsen from EMD will be presenting this topic at the Winterwind conference in Åre, Sweden next week.

The presentation will take place on Tuesday February 4th at 11:00-12:30.

As wind-analysts, the setup and calibration of a land-surface model are important first steps to simulate the flow over a wind farm site. Accurate land-surface data play a key role and includes land-cover characteristics such as terrain roughness, elevation as well as tree heights and leaf-area density – not at least at cold-climate sites where significant seasonal changes in land-surfaces, vegetation and meteorology is challenging to our models.

If you are at WinterWind, consider stopping by and learning more about this interesting topic.

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