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New energyPRO 4.5 released

energyPRO 4.5.358 has been released. In addition to a number of corrections, we would like to mention the following improvements.

Improved calculation of electric units, including electric stores. With this third version of energyPRO 4.5, we have improved the calculation of electric stores, such as batteries and hydro pumped storages. The electric store will try to charge when the electricity costs are low and discharge when the electricity costs are high. Also, when having both electricity producing units and electricity consuming units, energyPRO will investigate whether it will be optimal to operate them simultaneous.

Demo mode. It is now possible to shift from an unregistered module to a registered module and save the project. If you from a colleague or external business partner receives a project file, where Finance, Account or Operation is used and you only have energyPRO with Design, energyPRO will enter Demo mode. You can now convert it to Design and save it and continue your work.

Introduction window when starting energyPRO in demo mode. When in Demo, you will meet an introduction window, informing you about your options when in Demo and giving you the options of requesting a test license, going to activation window or to continue in Demo mode.

GDPR. energyPRO is now in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR. You will be informed about which personal data energyPRO collects.

When it comes to the German CHP law, a new table is made in the report Energy conversion, annual, showing the how the different energy conversion units cover the electricity demand. Further,  some of the existing German CHP law functions are renamed and new functions are made.