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Tired of waiting for updated reference data? ERA5(T) is now freely available in windPRO to fast-track your decisions!

ERA5(T) in windPRO is a globally comprehensive reference wind dataset with minimal lag in time. Traditional reference datasets, such as ERA5, MERRA2 or ERA-Interim, are available with a lag to real-time of one to three months, which typically results in compromising the data quality and delaying decision making up to months.

With the release of “ERA5(T) – Rectangular Grid” in windPRO the problem is virtually eliminated, allowing the latest months of our recently obtained wind, solar or production data to be easily matched by trusted, high-quality long-term reference data. The dataset is a seamless merge of ERA5 and the preliminary ERA5(T) data and it is offered on a 0.25° rectangular grid, with 30 years of data available via windPRO’s online data service.

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Image showing: Availability of ERA5 and ERA5(T) datasets in windPRO:  ERA5 (in red color – until 2019-10-30) and ERA5(T) (in green color, until 2019-12-31). Site is Gunfleet Sands Offshore Wind Farm, UK.  Data accessed 2020-01-11.