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We have just released energyPRO 4.7

The main new feature in energyPRO 4.7 is the option of using a Mixed Integer Linear Programming solver (MILP).

Flexible energy plants providing electricity, heating and cooling represent an important part of future smart energy systems based on renewable energy. Equipped with large combined heat and power units, heat pumps, electric and absorption chillers and energy storage, like thermal stores, chilled water stores and batteries, these systems can provide flexibility – but optimized dispatch of these production units is essential.

energyPRO 4.7 offers two dispatch methods – the existing advanced analytic method and a Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) method.

Evidence from academic studies suggests that no single dispatch method will be able to solve all dispatch problems. Therefore in energyPRO 4.7 we have allowed the option to make use of both our analytic and solver-based dispatch methods.

Read more about the MILP solver here.

The complete list of improvements:

  • Mixed Integer Linear Programming solver
  • Ability to set maximum electricity export and import values (solver mode)
  • Batteries can be assigned to different electricity markets (solver mode)
  • Utilization, COP and Total efficiency factors in the energy conversion reports
  • Option of using formulas in different fields in solar PV and solar collector
  • Reorganizing and resizing energy conversion unit forms
  • Indexes, adding options of copy and paste


You can download the new version of energyPRO here.

To users without valid license:

If you wish to upgrade your energyPRO license to version 4.7 or if you would like a 2-week test license, please contact our sales department:

To users with valid license:

A new license file is required. The file should be attached to this mail. If not, please contact our sales department,