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We love to bring you the best geospatial datasets for renewable energy modelling!

Let us know if you need even more?

Today, accurate energy yield modelling relies on fast and direct access to high quality geospatial datasets for maps, orography, roughness, and reference wind data.

In windPRO, we now have approximately 100 geospatial datasets available – many of which have been requested by our users of our windPRO and energyPRO software packages.

Our data-services are now occupying more than 1 petabyte of storage; but we still have plenty of room for more.

If there is a dataset you would like to see as a part of windPRO, please let us know by clicking here.

Image credit: NASA.
Launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour in February 2000. The STS-99 mission brought to us the excellent SRTM and NASADEM elevation datasets.

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