Measurement Campaigns

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEMD is able to provide the following services, in connection with an on-going or planned wind measurement campaign:

Campaign design and evaluation (mast positioning advice and certification)

  • Identification of the ideal position of the mast(s), taking into account the planned area of development, and any environmental constraint (i.e. avoiding interference with the measurements, and respecting all local distance and environmental requirements). Such a study typically requires a preliminary investigation of the local wind climate, based on available wind data from weather stations and/or from models.
  • Wind data from an already performed full-year(s) campaign can be quality-controlled and analysed, and the quality of the mast verified according to MEASNET, IEA and IEC standards.

Campaign surveillance

Regular surveys of the status of the measurement campaign, i.e. monthly or quarterly, can be performed, quality-controlling and analysing the provided wind data. A full report can then de delivered detailing the wind regime of the considered period.