Site Compliance Studies

Site Compliance StudiesWith windPRO’s SITE COMPLIANCE module, EMD now has the ability to offer detailed consultancy regarding the IEC classification of your site – something that is extremely helpful in approaching warranty negotiations, etc. This can be done by evaluating your site first and providing the class type that would work best or by evaluating your site for a specific, desired turbine technology.

EMD’s Site Compliance studies are conducted according to the IEC 6-1400-1 ed.3 (2010) standards, and the module itself has been certified by Tüv Süd. This means that EMD’s results provided to you will be of the highest quality possible and will be respected by most turbine manufacturers.

In addition, EMD can provide a very unique service – load analysis. Using the SITE COMPLIANCE module, EMD can assess the loads that will be present on all main turbine components. Based on a well-validated “generic” turbine which represents most of the market, this analysis can be done without having to have all the specific component data for the particular turbine you wish to evaluate. This then allows us to test a range of turbine technologies quickly and easily and provide you with a whole range of results in a timely manner with no additional input on your part.