Our consultancy team works very closely with the clients, thus securing a very constructive interaction and knowledge transfer between the parties involved. The Wind Energy Team consists of:

Wiebke Langreder
Master of Science (Renewable Energy), Dipl.-Ing. Applied Physics
Head of Wind Energy Consulting

tel. +45 9635 4438
Wiebke Langreder has been working within the wind energy business for two decades. She has been working with wind resource and technical risk assessment in the UK, Germany, and Denmark, both for wind turbine manufacturers and as a consultant. In parallel, Wiebke has been engaged in several industrial research projects, acted as reviewer for various technical committees, and chaired the wind resource working group of the Technology Platform for Wind in Brussels. She has also contributed to a number of wind energy books, covering the chapters about wind and resource assessment. Wiebke has worked on projects from earliest planning stages to bankable energy assessments across the globe. She has in-depth knowledge within topics like Extreme Winds, MCP, IEC classification, and uncertainty analysis.
Henrik Sundgaard Pedersen
(B.Sc. Business Development Engineer) Senior Wind Energy Consultant
+45 9635 4449
As Senior Wind Energy Consulting at EMD International A/S Henrik is mainly responsible for development of new tools for the consultant team, managing processes and assisting the consultancy team with his +10 years of experience from different OEMs and wind measurement companies. He brings qualifications for all fields of remote sensing, micro-siting, environmental, energy and technical risk assessment. Henrik has specialist knowledge within topics like power curve testing, site optimization, SCADA data analysis, lidar & ultrasonic technology.
Per_Nielsen Per Nielsen
(M.Sc. (eng))
Generel manager and Head of windPRO Department
tel. +45 9635 4450
Per Nielsen has been working within the wind energy business for nearly three decades. He started as freelance consultant for the Danish Wind Turbine Owners’ Association back in 1980 and was a co-founder of Energi- og Miljødata (EMD) in 1986, and has since then been a leading architect behind the windPRO software package. Due to his longtime and unrivalled carrier within wind energy, Per is one of the most experienced wind energy consultants worldwide within wind resource assessment, micro-siting and energy yield assessment.
Thomas_Sørensen Thomas Sørensen
Wind Energy Consultant
tel. +45 9635 4458
Thomas Sørensen has been employed at EMD since 1999, and has performed numerous calculations on all aspects of wind turbine planning for projects worldwide. Thomas has been involved in a large number of wind studies, second-opinion and due-diligence studies both before and after turbine installation. Thomas is also the primary contact point on all question concerning wind turbine noise and is responsible for implementing noise codes and methodologies for noise calculations in windPRO including the NORD2000 model.
 Karina_Bredelle Karina Bredelle
(M.Sc. (eng))
Wind Energy Consultant
tel. +45 9635 4421
Karina Bredelle has been employed at EMD since October 2004. She first worked as an environmental engineer on the development of wind farm projects in France. She has performed numerous visualization reports (onshore and offshore) and environmental impact studies (noise, natural life, landscape, human activities). She is also specialized in wind energy yield assessment, caring out feasibility studies, bankable and due diligence reports.
Maurizio_Motta Maurizio Motta
(M. Sc. Physics)
Wind Energy Consultant
tel. +45 9635 4459
Maurizio Motta has been employed at EMD since 2006. He has been working for over five years in meteorology and weather forecasting, before moving to wind energy. His experience in the field includes one year with the former Risø National Laboratory, studying stability effects on wind profiles in offshore environments, and one year with a Danish energy production and trading company, working on a number of on- and offshore wind energy projects.In EMD, Maurizio Motta performs energy yield and environmental impact assessments on wind farm projects all over the world. He also gives numerous training and advanced courses in using the windPRO software package at course locations in many different countries worldwide.
Lasse_Svenningsen Lasse Svenningsen
(Ph.D. Geophysics)
R&D Manager, Wind Energy Consultant
tel. +45 9635 4443
Lasse Svenningsen has been employed at EMD since 2008. He has previously worked as Wind & Site Engineer for the turbine manufacturer Suzlon Energy A/S (DK) in a scientific support unit supporting the sales departments and international subsidiaries. Hence, Lasse is particularly well experienced when it comes to site suitability aspects such as turbulence and extreme wind calculations.Lasse is responsible for EMD’s main R&D activities with a particular focus on site suitability and load calculation methods as well as meso-scale modelling using WRF and coupling of meso-scale and micro-scale models (downscaling). Additionally, he is the developer of windPRO’s SITE COMPLIANCE module.
Madalina_Jogararu Madalina Jogararu
(M.Sc. (Sustainable Energy Eng))
Wind Energy Consultant
tel. +45 9635 4468
Madalina has a Msc from Aalborg University with an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering. She has been involved with EMD since early 2013, where she was an intern working with designing the internal grid of wind farms and calculating electrical losses in the eGRID module. She joined the staff full-time in 2014. During her employment at EMD International A/S, Madalina has performed wind resource and energy yield assessments, bankable and due diligence reports on wind farm projects all over the world.