Wind Studies

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAEMD can offer services during every phase of your wind farm design, starting with Measurement Campaign advice. A detailed analysis of the best place to put the mast can be performed based on access to a wide range of meso-scale modelled data. Recommendations can be given on the equipment type to use, complying with the best practices of IEC standards, to ensure a top quality campaign. EMD can then ”keep an eye on” your data for you, providing quarterly, or even monthly, reports on the measured data.

Once a year or more of data has been measured, EMD can provide full services for evaluation of the data and its use in determining Annual Energy Production (AEP) for your farm. This can include everything from layout design (please see Wind Farm Layout Optimization for more details) to a long-term corrected AEP analysis. We can even perform the analysis with the industry-standard WAsP model or with the new WAsP CFD nonlinear model, in the case of more complex terrain.

In addition, EMD can perform Loss and Uncertainty analysis and provide the ever-important ”P-Values” needed for delivery to banks or investment firms. We can customize an in-depth, hand-written, bankable report detailing all assumptions, setup, issues, and results. Your deliverable will be a report backed by EMD’s very long running experience in the global wind industry and our forefront knowledge on determining everything from model calibrations to scientifically based assumptions on uncertainties.

And our service does not stop there. Once your farm is realized, we can provide services for evaluating turbine performance. This can be anything from a simple review to power curve performance evaluation and creation of a site-specific wind index. EMD can even use your production data to fine-tune the model for planning of farm expansion.