Wind Farm Layout Optimizations

Wind Farm Layout OptimizationsEMD has the ability and expertise to design and optimize layouts, regardless of location – onshore, offshore, complex terrain, etc. Once an area has been established for the farm design, EMD can offer multiple suggestions on turbine placement, from a rough suggestion (used to help get land lease agreements) to a highly optimized layout.

A layout is primarily optimized for AEP output and wake loss reduction. However, services can easily be provided in optimizing for noise constraints, for avoidance of obstacles and protected lands, for visualization and shadow flicker issues, for construction concerns (steepness), etc. Furthermore, an optimization can be performed taking not just one but multiple variables into consideration.

Additionally, the same optimization can be done for various turbine technologies and hub heights. With almost 1,000 turbines in our catalog, readily accessible, and more being added regularly, EMD can easily and quickly provide you with many scenarios for your farm design. An infinite number of iterations are possible.