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Modern wind farming with multi-million investments requires an intelligent software solution, which can both give the operator or owner a quick real-time overview of the performance of the assets as well as more in-depth information and analyses on their, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

A challenge nowadays is the advanced operation of the turbines where the effects of power curtailment, reduced power curves (load modes) or other curtailments imposed by the turbine supplier are often not visible to the operator or owner. This might lead to losses of several percentages that might be avoided with proper insight by the operator or owner.

windOPS is a web-based wind power management and analytics software service developed for the daily performance moni-toring and to compare, analyse and report operational and financial data for wind farm assets on a regular basis.

windOPS can both be used for single wind farms and for larger wind farm portfolios, and it is a unique third-party software solution for an independent check of the performance and availability of all your wind turbine assets regardless of brand or model.

As input, windOPS uses data from the turbines’ SCADA system, which are uploaded to the EMD server every ten minutes. These data are continuously processed, and windOPS users can compare the actual production from the whole portfolio, park or turbine with the calculated production using a refined energy/park model calculation – windOPS is the only software service on the market offering this feature.

Further, windOPS will calculate what should have been produced during non-operational periods, thus giving a very precise aggregation of lost production. Any lost production is categorized in groups (turbine errors, environmental constraints, curtailment, external conditions, etc.) making it easy to see the reasons for low performing turbines and also if warranties are kept.

Features for a refined budget follow-up linked to the wind energy index method are included, and revenues based on a given fixed price can be compared to alternative market prices (e.g. spot market prices).

windOPS also contains features to calculate and document the compensation amount claimed in connection with remote shut down due to grid curtailment (Einspeise management), or they can be used to calculate lost production in connection with insurance claims.

windOPS can be viewed in a resolution from ten minutes up to annual values defined by the user. The software service is therefore suited both for users checking the performance on a daily basis as well as users, who just want to keep track on the wind farm performance on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

A strong feature in windOPS is the advanced calculation method using recorded SCADA data in combination with a site specific windPRO wind model containing detailed orography and roughness information. This calculation method returns the potential free wind flow at the site at any given period allowing for a continuous comparison between real and expected production.

This combination also allows the user to separate performance analyses based on data free of wake and data in wake, and windOPS can further calculate the expected production in all time stamps, also when all turbines are not delivering SCADA data.

The special windOPS model setup also means that different noise modes (e.g. day/night) can be included when calculating the expected production.

A windOPS solution includes a calibration of the calculation model setup by EMD once six months of operational production data is available. After this calibration check, a very precise long term estimate of the Annual Energy Production (AEP) for the wind farm can be established. No other systems offer such option.