The price for a windOPS solution is based on an initial one-time setup fee for each project connected to windOPS and an annual fee per WTG included in your windOPS solution.

The annual windOPS fee per WTG is calculated based on the total number of WTG´s included in your windOPS software solution according to the table below.

Initial Project Setup Fee per Wind Farm Project

 No. of WTGs in project  3 to 9  10 to 19  20 to 49  50 t0 99  100 to 199  200 to ?
 Price in €  500  1,000  1,500  2,000  2,500  3,000

Annual Fee per WTG in windOPS Solution (based on total number of WTGs in portfolio)

 Number of WTGs, At least

 Number of WTGs, Up to

 Price per WTG (€)



















The annual price for continued access to windOPS after the first year is calculated based on the total number of WTGs included in the software solution multiplied by the price within the relevant group of WTGs.

Our prices assume that all WTG’s within a wind farm are connected to a central SCADA system collecting data for all WTGs installed. Otherwise, the initial project setup fee will change. Projects with less than 3 turbines are not covered by the mentioned prices, but we will be happy to offer a solution to those as well.