ERA5 data now available in windPRO 3.1

August 2017
We know that many of our windPRO users have eagerly been awaiting the release of the ERA5 reanalysis data. The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) and ECMWF are releasing the ERA5 data in an incremental schedule – and now the first large batch of ERA5 data is available in windPRO 3.1. This batch covers seven years from the period 2010 until 2016. 2017 data will be available later this year.
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Visualization of ‘Novi Buen’ (‘The Novi Arch’)

August 2017
This spectacular construction is currently undergoing approval procedures (August 2017), and EMD is contributing with noise and ice throw calculations as well as visualizations made in windPRO Photomontage. In the next windPRO 3.2 version, it will be possible to visualize any 3D object on photos with the same ease and accuracy as possible in decades for wind turbines. This will be very useful in many scenarios and the new features can also be used as a base for further processing in other tools.

For more information about windPRO Photomontage visit:…

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CFSR/CFSv2 added as a new boundary dataset in EMD-WRF on-demand service

May 24, 2017
Users of EMD-WRF on-demand service can now perform mesoscale calculations using CFSR as the global boundary data. The main advantage is that CFSR/CFSv2 is available much faster than ERA-Interim and MERRA-2, typically with 1-7 days delay. Read more about EMD-WRF on-demand here and here.


windPRO 3.1 Service Pack 2 Released

March 23, 2017
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Wind Energy In Indonesia – Data now available in windPRO!

December 2, 2016
EMD has developed a high-resolution mesoscale wind resource map of Indonesia as part of the Danish and Indonesian  cooperation programme on renewable energy and energy efficiency. The map demonstrates that although Indonesia is a low-wind regime, the new generation of wind turbines designed for low wind conditions will make it attractive to develop wind energy in parts of Indonesia. Time series data from the map is public available directly in windPRO as well as from a special Indonesian page on our portal [click here].

Read more about the data set in this newsletter from the Danish Energy Agency [click here] or access our data description [here].



windPRO 3.1 Service Pack 1 Released

November 11, 2016
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The Time has Come for Time-Varying Energy Calculations

November 11, 2016
For several decades wind farm energy calculations have been based on some sort of annually-averaged wind distribution. Typically the measured wind distribution will be fitted to a Weibull curve to reduce the computational requirements of handling large amounts of data. This means that the wind distribution represents an average year which will most likely not represent a particular year that one may be interested in. It also means that time-varying changes during the year and within each day in parameters such as air density, turbulence, shear and veer are not taken into account.

The introduction of time-varying energy calculations in the windPRO software is a huge step forward for more precise and detailed energy calculations during the project design phase as well as for post-construction performance follow-ups.

In an article in the November issue of the North American Windpower Magazine, authors Per Nielsen, EMD international A/S and Jay Haley, EAPC Wind Energy, are providing details about the benefits this new time-varying energy calculation concept offers to developers, investors and operators in terms of more efficient and reliable modeling, reduced uncertainty and detailed hourly predictions of the power production for new wind farm projects, but also for much more advanced and detailed performance check analyses for wind farms in operation.

If you would like to read this article, it can be viewed at this link.


windPRO 3.1 Released

August 19th, 2016
We are proud to announce that windPRO 3.1. has been released.
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windPRO 3.0 Service Pack 5 released

June 23th, 2016
We are happy to announce the availability of windPRO 3.0 Service Pack 5. The Service Pack contains a small number of improvements. The most important change is support for WAsP Suite. Read more here


Online data access

April 26th, 2016
Onlie data access from windPRO 2.9 It has previously been announced that we will close down the access to online data from windPRO 2.9 this spring. We will like to inform you that on May 9th 2016 the access will be permanently closed. Access from windPRO 3.0 will continue as usual. This follows the normal schedule of closing down the access to online data one year after the release of a new version. To keep access to on-line data, you will need to upgrade to version 3.0. Please contact our Sales Department on to receive a price overview.


Two New Mesoscale Data Sets released

February 17, 2016
We are happy to announce the release of two new Mesoscale Data Sets:

The data sets cover more than 20 years. Data is updated monthly with app. 3 months delay defined by ERA Interims availability. Data access is directly via windPRO’s user-friendly, on-line data interface – approximately 400,000 time series are available for instant download, thus no delivery time. You can read more about the Mesosclae Data Sets in the above links.


EMD WAsP CFD Subscriptions in windPRO

August 12th, 2015
Flexible, fast and cost-effective access to run CFD calculations directly in windPRO The EMD WAsP CFD subscription is a unique service for companies wishing to have continuous and flexible access to run high- resolution CFD calculations without any investments in own software, computer resources or in-house expertise. The service is available at very attractive prices directly from windPRO. Calculations are executed on the EMD High Performance Computer (HPC) Cluster using the WAsP CFD model developed by DTU. The EMD WAsP CFD subscriptions are offered as annual subscriptions at fixed prices with a specified number of WAsP CFD calculation credits included in each quarter together with an additional number of WAsP CFD calculation units, which can be freely used at any given time throughout the whole subscription period. Further details and prices for the EMD WAsP CFD Subscriptions are available at this link: /windpro/wasp-products/wasp-cfd/subscription/