Perpetual license One-Year License
Standard OFWind CFD License (up to 4 cores) EUR 5,500 EUR 2,200
Optional price – Up to 16 core utilization in OFWind CFD EUR 1,250 EUR 500
Additional OFWind licenses within same company 50% of first license price each
Half day online training EUR 500
Telephone support (advanced) exceeding normal support EUR 110 per hour or EUR 1,200 for an annual subscription


OFWind CFD licenses include 1 year of free service (program updates and hotline support). The annual service fee for continued service on perpetual licence is 20% of the current valid list price for the software license(s) supplied.

Exclusive Sales Representative

The OFWind CFD Model is available exclusively through EMD International A/S and its appointed windPRO representatives worldwide. Contact your local windPRO representative or EMD at for license ordering.