European Wind Atlas

Available for FREE download

The European Wind Atlas is a meteorological basis for estimating the wind climate and wind energy resources of any particular site in the EC. The application of the atlas as a siting handbook is explained in detail in the atlas.

To facilitate resource calculations and specific siting of wind turbines, the wind atlas is furnished with a disk containing all the regional statistics. The disk files can be used directly with the WAsP software, which was especially developed for the production of the wind atlas and for use in practical siting. The WAsP program is not included in the atlas.

The observed and model-derived wind statistics from the 220 meteorological stations within the EC (1989) are furnished on a data disk together with the atlas – for use with a PC or compatible computer. The data consists of the observed and regional wind rose and wind speed distributions for each station.

The European Wind Atlas is available for free download, please contact for receiving your windPRO license file including the European Wind Atlas.