EMD is an appointed reseller of the WAsP software developed by DTU Wind Energy, Denmark.

The WAsP software can be used independently or conveniently as an “internal calculation engine” within the suite of windPRO modules for wind resource assessment and energy yield calculations.

WAsP is a PC-program for the vertical and horizontal extrapolation of wind climate statistics. It contains several physical models to describe the wind flow over different terrains and close to sheltering obstacles. WAsP is an implementation of the so-called wind atlas methodology, which may be summarised as follows:


  • time-series of wind speed and direction —> observed wind climate (OWC)
  • observed wind climate + site description —> regional wind climate (wind atlas data sets)


  • regional wind climate + site description —> predicted wind climate (PWC)
  • predicted wind climate + power curve —> annual energy production (AEP) of wind turbine

Wind farm production

  • predicted wind climates + WTG characteristics + wind farm layout —> wind farm wake losses
  • annual energy productions + wake losses —> net annual energy production of entire wind farm

WAsP has been used for over 25 years within wind power meteorology and has become the industry-standard flow model for wind resource assessment and siting of wind turbines and wind farms.

The WAsP software package consists of 4 Microsoft installer files: the WAsP program, the WAsP Climate Analyst, and the WAsP Map Editor. The WAsP installation program also installs the WAsP Turbine Editor, a complete set of sample data files, several demonstration projects and the Danish Wind Atlas. Documentation is included as on-line help files. WAsP runs on Windows, XP, Vista and 7.