Calculation and documentation of the environmental impacts (noise, flickering and visibility) of a wind farm project from the perspective of the neighbors. All the impacts to a specific neighbor are gathered into a single report.

Calculation Model

ImpactThe calculation is made with the windPRO calculation modules: DECIBEL, SHADOW and ZVI.

Necessary Input Data (Objects)

Necessary input data are as in DECIBEL, SHADOW and ZVI. However, one or more calculation types can be omitted.

Beyond the already mentioned input data, a photo can be pasted into the calculation. Typically, it will be a photo of the neighboring house taken from the WTG site, but it can also be a photo from the site of the neighbor toward the visualized WTGs.


When all the necessary objects for noise, shadow flickering, ZVI calculation and camera object have been inserted (one set for each neighbor) these are paired according to neighbor as seen above. The program can automatically match the objects if all objects belonging to a neighbor are given the same name. When having selected all the WTGs and neighbors to be calculated in the neighbor list, windPRO performs one calculation for each neighbor with all the selected calculation types.

Calculation report

The module makes a printout for each neighbor. The results of the calculation are listed and held up against the legislation and demands protecting the neighbor if such exists and a simple explanation of the various nuisances the neighbor suffers are given.

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