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The world's most comprehensive software package for design and planning of wind farm projects. Recognized and used by all leading turbine manufacturers, developers, engineering companies, utilities as well as local planning authorities worldwide.
Wind Energy
EMDs wind consultants benefit from taking part in WindPRO development - and WindPRO development benefits from the work of the wind consultants. This synergy makes the services offered both unique and well-recognized world-wide.


Reports, data, articles,  papers and links.
A complete modelling software package for combined techno-economic design, analysis and optimisation of both  fossil and bio-fuelled cogeneration and trigeneration projects as well as other types of complex energy projects.
Distributed Energy
Independent consultancy services within preparation of detailed feasibility analyses, study appraisals and second opinion analysis for many different types of distributed energy projects, in particular cogeneration and trigeneration projects.
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