energyPRO is the most advanced and flexible modelling software for combined techno-economic optimization and analysis of a variety of heat, CHP, process and cooling related energy projects. In energyPRO you can model virtually any type of technologies from well-known, fossil fuel based production units to state-of-the-art renewables.

You focus on optimal solutions – energyPRO is the tool!

With energyPRO you can easily model, optimize, simulate and analyze all kinds of energy plants in existing systems or greenfield energy projects. The software optimizes the operation of the modelled system in accordance to all preconditions such as weather conditions, technical properties of the different units, maintenance costs, fuel prices, taxes, subsidies, etc. The analytical optimization methodology provides a fast and powerful tool for strategic energy planning, optimization of distributed energy systems, basis for investment decisions, system integration, sustainable change processes etc.

energyPRO 4.4 update released – What’s new?

With the goal of making energyPRO the preferred modelling tool on the market, we continuously develop the software to meet our customers’ needs. The latest update was released on Dec. 9, 2016.

The energy sector is constantly changing and in recent times we have seen a growing interest in batteries. Decreasing cost of batteries, low electricity prices and high energy taxes make it attractive to store power for covering own demand at a later time. Therefore, we have further developed energyPRO’s operation strategy for batteries and thus enabled a better interaction between the operation of batteries and local electricity demands.

Furthermore, we have added a new overview window, which provides a quick overview of the time series and time series functions in the project and their interdependencies. This overview also makes it possible to display multiple series in the same graph as shown in the below picture.

See the complete list of new facilities in energyPRO 4.4 here

energyPRO enables you to:

  • Calculate the optimal operation of an energy plant
  • Make detailed investment analyses
  • Model industrial cogeneration and trigeneration
  • Simulate energy plants participating on different electricity markets
  • Analyse the interaction between separate energy plants

… and much more. Read more about energyPRO in the menu to the left.


energyPRO is developed by EMD International A/S and has been applied in a large number of projects all over the world for more than 20 years by energy companies, consultancy firms, academic institutions and others.
See a full reference list in the interactive map under References in the menu.

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