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Please notice that we, from today’s date, have closed all our Dansk Bank accounts. It means that all payments issued to Danske Bank will be... Read more

EMD is an independent global software and consulting company offering products and services for both the pre- and post-construction phases of wind farm projects, hybrid power plants and complex energy system schemes.

Our main office is based in Aalborg, Denmark, and we are represented globally through regional sales and support offices in Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, USA, Brazil, Argentina and China.

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EMD is independant


EMD has been independent since the foundation in 1986, with the purpose of collecting and systematizing the latest research, development and experience within sustainable energy systems. This knowledge is passed on through the continuous development of innovative and value-adding software products and consultancy services for the benefit of our customers.

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EMD develops high quality specialized software for the renewable energy industry


With skilled teams of engineers in software, meteorology and energy systems EMD produces and distributes highly specialized software. Serving the renewable energy community with quality tools, EMD offers industry standard calculations in user-friendly products usable to both basic and advanced users.

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EMD operates worldwide


Serving customers in over 100 countries, EMD caters to both small businesses and large corporations anywhere on the globe. Our software products are available in multiple languages and our consultancy team have vast experience in projects worldwide. Our international expertise is ready to help with your next renewable energy project.

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EMD offers a wide range of consultancy services for nearly all types of energy projects. Building relationships through transparancy and dialogue is key to us. We use our innovative know-how to assist project developers, consultants, manufacturers, investors, utilities and authorities in making business critical decisions.

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