windPRO 3.3 Downloads

WindPRO_logo_smallwindPRO-3.3.247 (339 MB)

MD5-checksum for windPRO-3.3.247: fe7bec383ace004ef55aeac619a7f1c5

New in windPRO 3.3

Installation & Activation Guide 3.3


windPRO 3.2 Service Pack 4 Downloads

WindPRO_logo_smallwindPRO-3.2.744.msi (327 MB)

MD5-checksum for windPRO-3.2.744.msi: b86c1504586ae415bfa077ef9b73cea0

New in windPRO 3.2 List of changes in: Service Pack 1 & Service Pack 2 & Service Pack 3 & Service Pack 4

Installation & Activation Guide 3.2


Legacy WAsP Downloads

Download installer for support for WAsP 6-9, 10.2


Without a valid windPRO license, the downloaded versions can only be used as demo versions, meaning that you can only view project samples and reports. You will not be able to perform any calculations or save new projects.

You can verify the integrity of the downloaded files using WinMD5.