Photovoltaic and battery on fixed tariffs

This project includes 500 kW photovoltaics, a battery (5 MWh), an electricity demand and a fixed tariff market.

An overview of the model is given in the below picture.

billede5.1In this model, the optimal operation is simply to cover as much of the electricity demand by the PVs. If the demand cannot be covered by the PVs and the battery, electricity is imported from the fixed tariff market. Conversely, if more electricity is produced than can be consumed or stored in the battery, electricity is exported.

In the below figure, a graphical representation of the operation can be seen. The figure is composed of four graphs: The top graph shows the solar radiation in every hour for the given location. This is used to calculate the electricity production from the PVs. The second graph shows the electricity production from the PVs (red color) and the total electricity demand (orange curve). The third graph, shows the charging (orange color) and discharging (blue curve) of the battery. The last graph shows the electric storage capacity and its content.


As it can be seen in the figure, the battery is charged when electricity production from the PVs exceed the demand. In hours with no or little electricity production from the PVs, the battery is discharged, supplying the demand.

Click here to download the energyPRO project file.