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High-Resolution Elevation Models for France and Overseas – Now in windPRO

This month, 5m and 25m grid-resolution digital terrain models (DTM’s) or MNT’s (Modèle Numérique de Terrain) for France and its overseas territories were released with windPRO.

The 5m and 25m are supplementing the 75m grid resolution dataset previously available for mainland France – and they complete the excellent windPRO geopackage now available for wind-farm development in France: high-quality orography, raster-maps and orthophotos.

The new elevation datasets are based on official sources: “RGE ALTI® V2.0 – 5m” and “BD ALTI® V2.0 – 25m”.
All French geo-datasets are freely available for users of windPRO 3.4+ with an active service subscription.

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Elevation data

Image showing: “RGE ALTI® V2.0 – 5m” elevation model in windPRO – at a location south-east of Bourg-Saint-Maurice. The model is at 5m grid resolution with derived 10m contour lines.

Acknowledgements: Contains elevation data from the Institut National de l’Information Geographique et Forestiére (IGN) – 05/2019 & 03/2021