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New validation report for EMD-WRF Europe+

In June 2019 EMD released the new pre-run EMD-WRF Europe+ mesoscale dataset based on ERA5 data (“EMD-EUR+”). See details and prices for EMD-EUR+ here.

EMD has now published a report on the validation results for EMD-EUR+.

Below a few highlights about EMD-EUR+ and the results in the report:

  • EMD-EUR+ replaces EMD-ConWx, downscaled from ERA-Interim (discontinued August 2019).
  • EMD-EUR+ is downscaled to 3km from ERA5 and covers Europe + Turkey & Iceland.
  • Based on comparison with data from 300 high-quality masts EMD-EUR+ shows significantly better performance than ERA5, MERRA2 and NEWA.
  • Evaluated metrics are wind speed correlation, wind direction and shape of wind speed distribution.
  • For New European Wind Atlas data (NEWA) the considered metrics surprisingly show poorer performance than raw ERA5 data from which it is downscaled.


Main summary statistics from the report can be seen to the right.

Read the full validation report here.

If you have any questions regarding EMD-EUR+, please contact: or