Wind Energy Consultancy

Since the 1980’s, the EMD Wind Energy Consultancy department has continuously participated as a major player in many successful onshore and off shore wind farm installations around the globe. From our base location in Aalborg, Denmark, we have proudly taken a major part in shaping the Danish wind energy industry – both as a provider of consultancy services and as supplier of the windPRO software package.

A Team Committed to Wind Energy

Our team of committed and experienced wind energy consultants is, each year, involved in hundreds of wind energy projects around the globe. Our primary focus is in delivering accurate and bankable estimates of the expected energy yields at any given site – but we also provide many other services related to wind farm project development, such as elements within environmental impact assessment, site suitability studies, site prospecting, and measurement campaign guidance. Our team is truly internationally oriented and includes English, German, Scandinavian, French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian speaking consultants.

As independent consultants – and expert users of windPRO and WAsP – we guarantee you the highest degree of accuracy, objectivity and confidentiality.

Wind energy Consultancy

Applied Knowledge

The latest knowledge within wind turbine technology, wind measurement campaigns, wind modelling and environmental topics related to both on- and off shore wind energy projects is continuously included in our consultancy work. This knowledge is backed up by the solid theoretical background of the consultant, which typically stems from an advanced university background.

Professional services – what we do

We work as consultants on a project-by-project basis for both smaller and larger companies, wind turbine manufacturers and wind farm developers. We also work as wind energy specialists and sub-consultants for multi-disciplinary engineering companies requesting wind and site expert competences on specific projects. Furthermore, our experienced consultants are available for longer term contracts, if your company needs additional wind resource expertise or capacity building for your own in-house team.


Engaging with EMD Wind Energy Consultancy, you’re benefiting from our long-running, comprehensive experience and proven skills from thousands of assessments on wind farm projects around the world. This is your guarantee for the highest possible accuracy, minimizing the technical and financial risks to your wind farm projects. We focus our work efforts on providing you with the highest quality consultancy service with the shortest possible lead time. Our reputation and track record makes EMD Wind Energy Consultancy the right choice.

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