Wind Energy Assessment

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAEMD can provide all aspects of site assessment, including verification of data collected at measurement masts and remote sensing devices, classification of the surroundings and confirmation of sensor calibrations. We also offer wind data analyses and long term correction and model calculations (windPRO – WAsP – CFD models) for your proposed wind farm with a full bankable report including loss and uncertainty evaluations.

Site Finding (Prospecting)

EMD can advise developers on how to get started, including calculation of preliminary wind resource maps, recommendations on measurement mast and remote sensing device locations, etc.

Micro siting

Finding the best layout of the windfarm involves many disciplines, EMD can help and advise in all of these categories. In some places the environmental restrictions define the major layout constraints, in others it may be accessibility, but most often the wind resource, wake losses and load restrictions determine the layout of the project.

Site Compliance

EMD offers experienced advice on selecting the most appropriate WTG for your project, maximising yield whilst achieving IEC compliance with the predicted loads.

Performance Check (Wind-index)

A wind index is a robust way to estimate the real long term energy production expectations for existing turbines based on short-term production data. EMD has been involved in development, calculation and validation of wind energy indices for many regions around the world, helping wind farm owners with documentation for insurance, acquisitions (reselling) and further developments.