Wind Index Calculations

The Wind Energy Index has a number of important applications:
• Long-term correction of local measurement
• Calculation of the expected long-term production of a WTG or wind farm, based on a shorter production period, in order to find out if the farm will obtain the calculated production earlier than expected.
• Calculation of production losses in periods when the wind power plant has been out of operation, e.g. for estimation of insurance-covered losses.

There are a least 3 different types of sources for creating a wind index:

1: Wind turbine production data
2: Measured long-term wind data
3: Model outputs

Depending on the available source, different methods will be applied.

EMD has a comprehensive experience in calculating a wind energy index and in combining the different methods e.g. using known production data from existing wind turbines to validate a wind energy index previously based on measured wind data from a reference station.

The wind energy index is typically presented on a monthly basis, delivered in a spreadsheet, and ready to be used. Higher time resolutions can be provided, on request, if the data sources allow.

EMD can also provide a spreadsheet setup for future monthly updates, based on the regular addition of new data. A report describing the methods and the analyses behind the calculated wind energy index can be provided.