EMD-WRF India Mesoscale Data

windPRO includes a subscription service to download free time series from a high resolution mesoscale data set covering India. The data is modelled in-house on EMD’s computer cluster using WRF.

The mesoscale model is run at a high spatial resolution of 0.03°x0.03°, Approximately 3×3 km, with hourly temporal resolution. ERA Interim data from ECMWF is the global boundary data set. The data set covers a major part of India, all of Sri Lanka and parts of Pakistan. (see domain below)

The data sets cover more than 20 years. Data is updated monthly with app. 3 months delay defined by ERA Interims availability. Data access is directly via windPRO’s user-friendly, on-line data interface – approximately 468,000 time series are available for instant download, thus no delivery time.

Ill 1_IndiaAccess to the Mesoscale Data Set

To access the EMD-WRF India mesoscale data set, the following are required:

  • windPRO BASIS module
  • windPRO METEO or MCP module
  • Subscription to EMD-WRF India data set

Very Competitive Pricing

Access to the EMD-WRF India mesoscale data set set is offered at the following annual prices:

  • Euro 1,000 for the first subscription
  • Euro 400 (40%) for each additional subscription within the same company.

Subscribers may download up to 100 time series per calendar month. Additionally, a refresh of already downloaded time series in not counted as a new download. Refresh of already downloaded time series is not counted as a new download.


The histogram below shows correlation coefficients for several high quality masts across the domain.

Ill 2_India
The table below shows the correlation, both the mean and standard deviation, in comparison to MERRA.

Mean Std Dev
MERRA 0.74 0.04
MERRA2 0.72 0.03
0.78 0.04

For more technical infomation, please visit the windPRO On-line data page.