The BASIS module in windPRO is necessary for the use of any of the other calculation modules. It contains the following elements:

  • Projecting / Input Data
  • Map Management System
  • WTG Catalogue
  • Project Management


Project Management, is a tool for the effective administration of your projects. Projects are presented either in a list or on a map, offering the possibility to use different filter criteria for easy access. The Map Management System is the tool for linking online, WMS, scanned or pre-georeferenced maps to windPRO. The maps are then available for the projecting work and the inputting of data, which is done directly on these digital background maps. The WTG Catalogue contains the necessary data on wind turbines for projecting. With the BASIS module, the user can also perform a BASIS printout, which gives an overview of all objects in the project and a map with their geographic positions. To perform calculations it is necessary to use one of the other available calculation modules.

The BASIS module is constantly improved to insure more flexible and reliable data input as well as result presentation.

Projecting / Input Data

The BASIS module gives access to a graphical user interface used to build projects in windPRO. All information is stored in objects which are placed on the map(s). These may be wind turbines in WTG objects, measurement data in METEO objects or height contours in line objects etc. There are in total 25 such object types. All these objects are organized in a layer structure, which makes it possible to work with multiple layout options and background source data. Height and roughness models can be digitized, loaded from files or downloaded from a host of sources (SRTM, land use data etc.). While this GIS like system is wholly developed by EMD it interfaces with other similar systems by reading and exporting to other formats through shape, dxf, xyz, kmz files etc. It is possible to present results of calculation directly on the map as part of the work space. This can be very helpful in the micro-siting phase. Also the results and turbines can be synchronized with Google Earth. BASIS includes a number of tools for designing wind farms including geometric layout tools, circle or elliptical spacing, copy-paste functions both within windPRO and to/from spreadsheet and measuring tools of many kinds. Various tools to create profile views or 3D view of the site give the opportunity to analyze the site and the data under a different angle.

WTG Catalogue

The WTG Catalogue can be used by anyone who needs an overview of available WTGs, where technical data are given for most of the wind turbines available on the market, including various options for comparison and presentation. The catalogue can also be of interest to users who seek historical information since most of the older wind turbines not produced anymore are included. In other words, a unique reference for anyone interested in wind turbines. The WTG Catalogue contains more than 500 different types of WTGs, which have been gathered by EMD over the years. The data is constantly being updated. The user can also add custom, freely definable WTG types to the catalogue.

The following information categories are available in the WTG Catalogue:

  • General Data that identifies the wind turbine, i.e. manufacturer, type, generator size, rotor diameter, hub heights, tower type, blade width, a photo of the WTG etc.
  • Power Curve (multiple datasets possible), including information on origin of data and thrust curve
  • Noise Data (multiple datasets possible), possibly including octave/third octave data, data at hub height or at 10m height, origin of measurements
  • Visualization Data (multiple datasets possible), i.e. geometry and the colors of the wind turbine
  • E-Grid Data, including the relevant electrical information of the turbine type

Map Management System

The Map Management System makes it possible to work with a map directly on your PC screen. These may be scanned maps calibrated to the coordinate system to be used by defining three points with known coordinates, world files connected from tiles or online data. windPRO supplies a range of online map types and allows access to WMS servers and their vast supply of map resources. windPRO features a massive commercial database of coordinate systems including all major systems and datums.

Project Management

The Project Management is a powerful tool to administrate all your projects. Projects are presented either in a list or on a map, offering the possibility to use different filter criteria for easy access. For the creation of a new project, the wizard tool can be used to select and download all the available online data (background maps, height and roughness data, wind data or existing wind turbines) for the location of the site. All the data is organized in dedicated working layers, ready to be used for the required analysis and calculations.

View reports from the BASIS module

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