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windPRO is now also SOLAR

Over the last two years, EMD has been working on a new Solar PV module which is now ready in windPRO 3.4.

In case you have never worked with solar farms before, don’t worry, the Solar PV module is straight forward to use:

  1. Digitize area to fill with panels
  2. Define panel characteristics (tilt angle, azimuth, row spacing etc.) for detailed 3D models with or without substructures
  3. Calculate annual energy production using your free access to 20y Heliosat irradiation data
  4. Visualize the solar PV project in combination with PHOTOMONTAGE


With windPRO’s easy access to detailed elevation data and comprehensive tools for editing, the solar PV panels are correctly placed relative to each other and shading objects, whether it is for field plants, roof top or any other siting.

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